Boas died infighting: Player + coach wants to face Gaosi he Henchou Chairman

Beijing on the evening of December 16 , Tottenham club official announcement from the team coach Boas instant ceased to be a post of Marshal of Portugal has become cheap nhl jerseys the fifth in the Premier League this season, the short-lived ghost class coach . Subsequently, the " Daily Mail" reporter Neil - Ashton specifically analyzed the lead wholesale nhl jerseys author from Tottenham class Boas reason , carefully sum up, there are three reasons why .

Waterloo to fuse

More than three weeks ago, the road was cheap hockey jerseys Manchester City 6-0 Tottenham Kuangtu . After the game, Tottenham and Manchester City chairman Levy was invited director of football txiki and CEO Soriano had some brief conversation . Later, Levi vowed never to let such a thing happen to them .

But who knows in less than a month 's time, the team has actually been beaten Liverpool at home five goals fat. Levi witnessed all this in the stands , his face ashen , cheap nhl jerseys and Liverpool manager Rodgers smiles in stark contrast. Rogers stretched out on the sidelines while the five finger movements with a smile , but also like the sword wholesale nhl jerseys of five severely piercing the heart of Levi . The day after the end of the game , Liverpool 's executives want to be some conversation with Levi , but Levi was simply unwilling to care , he could think about was all the subsequent conversation with Boas , and the club 's director of football Baldi Nigeria is always told by his side .

This summer, Tottenham Transfers total investment 1.07 billion pounds , while Bell is gone , but there are a total of seven new signings joining superior strength . cheap hockey jerseys Such a huge investment, not only the fans , the team major shareholder Joe - Lewis , who is also the result of the season against Tottenham have higher requirements . wholesale hockey jerseys Spurs can get past the Champions League qualification even if it is successful, but now , their goal is to impact the league. But in defeat suffered two big score , they found themselves not see the impact of Champions League Tottenham hope.

Relationships deteriorate

In the current Zhezhi Tottenham array, the relationship between Boas and Adebayor should be the worst , as the reason , outsiders can not know the full facts of . Because of the deterioration of relations with Boas , Adebayor once this season, was sent with the young players to train with . So far the season , cheap nhl jerseys Adebayor is only 0-6 defeat at Manchester City game played half of the game off the bench . Adebayor outside Boas relationship with the rest of the players is not how , wholesale hockey jerseys but things are not as big as was referred to only as Emmanuel Adebayor .

After class Boas , Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel Americans in accepting this interview with Fox Sports , said: " I ??think everyone in the locker room Boas wants to work for , cheap hockey jerseys he came to the team's first day adopt liberal policy , he and the players also have very good communication , none of us are happy to see him leave . " but, for Friedel 's remarks, and not too many people believe . Previously , he said the Spurs squad teamwork is good, but the " Daily Mail" immediately refuted , "Other people have different opinions ."

In addition to players, the relationship between Boas and the coaching staff is not harmonious. Steffen - early season Freund has also sat on the bench together with Boas , cheap nhl jerseys but after losing to Arsenal 0-1 Tottenham , Freund was obviously felt from Bo Aspen exclusion . As for the reason , is because in the game with Arsenal , cheap nhl jerseys canada Tottenham tactics he and the team 's substitution strategy and Boas had a heated debate.

Including strained relationships with players and colleagues , fans and media outside Boas has strained relations with . 1-0 victory over Hull City game, he complained that his fans support the team enough. Followed by Manchester United 's game at home 2-2 , he accused the "Daily Mail " in an interview with reporters after cheap hockey jerseys the game for his personal attacks . Their relationships will get so bad situation, how could a good job working Boas at Tottenham it? Also in the game with Manchester United , Tottenham Baldini seems to be the only person on the club Boas also supportive , while others seem to want to see the Marshal was fired .

Feel rift with the President

Tottenham chairman Levy Boas had repeatedly asked the team to make a change the status quo , but " Mad Men II " stubborn than Mourinho seems to be worse . The face of the proposal , Mr. Chairman , he is still "proud" to adhere to their own ideas. Boas in a tense conversation with Levi 's , also asked Marshal cheap nhl jerseys abandon personal prejudices and let Emmanuel Adebayor to return to the squad , but it simply does not bother Boas , but he even asked Levi to spend big price to the acquisition cheap nhl jerseys canada of Zenit Hulk , which will undoubtedly draw at Tottenham chairman Levy publicly a slap in the face , but that face is not contrary to the requirements of , you know, Boas has been hit in the summer under a multi- million pounds .

When defeat Liverpool match interview , cheap nhl jerseys china the reporter asked Boas now Tottenham is not his team and his vow not want to continue with the current players for cooperation. In this regard, Boas replied : "I 'm not sure I was not able to be made public of these issues we strive to build up a strong team , we now have a strong team , cheap hockey jerseys signing for the team . we also feel very satisfied . " Boas 's the answer , savor will find very interesting , but it also makes one wonder , he seems satisfied with the team this summer 's lineup construction work.

In fact, Boas fired the day before , cheap nhl jerseys which is Sunday night , that meeting Levi , Baldini and Triple Boas , and if handled well, Portugal Marshal still have the opportunity to continue to coach Heat thorns , but his stick to their views eventually he lost this last chance. Local time Monday morning, Boas and Levi and had a conversation , cheap nhl jerseys china and in this conversation, Levi eventually made ??a decision to let the Portuguese Marshal class .


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